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How much do you know about your lungs?



在中医理论上,肺也主宣发与肃降。肺主宣发,指肺气具有发散、上升的生理功能。肺主肃降,指肺气具有收敛、下降的生理功能。 肺气的宣发和肃降相互配合,相互制约,维持呼吸运动、水液代谢的正常进行。当“肺气失宣”,可见鼻塞、喷嚏、恶寒、无汗、呼吸不畅、胸闷、喘咳等症状;当“肺失肃降”,可见呼吸短促、喘息、咳痰等症状。 此外,肺气宣降对于体内水液代谢主要体现在两个方面: 一是肺气宣发,可将津液和来自脾的营养精微物质布散于全身,调节汗液的排泄。二是肺气肃降,可将体内的水液向下输送至肾,以尿液的形式排出体外。 肺上通鼻子,外合皮毛,与自然界息息相通,易受外邪侵袭。因此,日常留意对肺的养护是防病的关键之一。 欲了解更多关于中医肺系统的知识及养生贴士,可期待我们之后为大家准备的文章与视频,或至本店向我们的中医师咨询详情。

How much do you know about your lungs? Human inhales clear qi from the natural world and exhales the turbid qi through the lungs to ensure the normal metabolism of the human body. The combination of the inhaled clear qi and the food essence of spleen store in the lungs to generate pectoral qi, and serving as the dynamic force of blood circulation. In the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs govern dispersing and descending. Lung disperses means that lung qi has the physiological function of the outward and upward movement. Lung descends means that lung qi has the physiological function of convergence and downward movement. The dispersing and descending of lung qi cooperate and restrict each other to maintain the normal function of respiratory system and water metabolism. Symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, aversion to cold, absence of sweating, difficult breathing, chest tightness, and coughing can be seen when lung qi is fail to disperse; symptoms such as shortness of breath, asthma and coughing with phlegm can be seen when lung is fail to descend. In addition, the dispersing and descending of the lungs effect human body’s water metabolism mainly manifested in two aspects, which are regulate the excretion of sweat and help to discharge urine. Lungs open at the nose and govern skin and hair. It is closely connected to the natural world and vulnerable to external evils. That's why it is important to prioritize your lung health to reduce the risk of lung disease. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles and videos to know more about the facts of the lungs and learn how to keep your lungs healthy. Please do not hesitate to visit us to consult our Chinese physicians for more details.

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