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Neck and shoulder pain can cause most headaches!!


Cervical headaches are caused by cervical spondylosis and acute and chronic cervical spine injuries, and are related to irritation of the cervical nerves. Patients with cervical headache often have stiff necks and inflexible movements, and usually have trauma to the head or neck. The headache is characterized by repeated dull or sore pain around the occipital, top of the head, temporal, forehead, or orbit, accompanied by upper neck pain. During the examination, there was much compression pain around the neck. 颈1-3神经根 Cervical nerve root 1-3 头颈部外伤后导致的头痛和上三个颈椎有关,其机制可能是颈椎损伤后刺激颈神经。在某些情况下,可出现枕大神经痛。 The headache caused by head and neck trauma is related to the upper three cervical vertebrae. The mechanism may be cervical nerve stimulated after cervical spine injury.

颈椎关节功能紊乱 Cervical joint dysfunction 颈椎关节在大脑维持全身姿势中发挥着重要反馈作用。这些关节对错位的损伤非常敏感。颈源性头痛的机制就是颈椎关节功能紊乱导致的。

Cervical joints play an important role in the maintenance of body posture. These joints are very sensitive to malocclusion. The mechanism of cervical headache is caused by cervical joint dysfunction.

头、颈部肌肉 头颈部的肌肉损伤与紧张性头痛密切相关,如颈部头夹肌产生的疼痛可放射至头部。

Muscle injuries in the head and neck is closely related to tension headache. For example, pain from the neck muscles can be radiated to the head.


If symptoms appear, seek conservative treatment with a nearby doctor as soon as possible (eg: Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, manual therapy, etc.)

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